Airline Transport Pilot

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Airline Transport Pilot 


Price includes all ground and flight instruction. Aircraft cost is separate

Often referred to as the “Doctorate Degree of Aviation”, this 3-day course will teach you to safely work for an airline and achieve the ultimate certificate. Custom designed by our industry experts, you will learn everything you need to know and more upon completion of your ATP checkride.

Flexible Hourly Option

Prices Vary

Do you work full-time? Going to school? Previously started your training elsewhere and need to finish up? We offer flexible hourly training as well to suit your schedule and needs. Our instructors are available day and night, weekdays and weekends, to fit around your schedule to accomplish your training. This option allows you to pay as you go so you only pay for what you need. See our price sheet for the current instruction rates.

Our Aircraft


160 H.P.
6.5 gph
G1000 Avionics!
Cessna 172 = $160/hr +tax


180 H.P
9.5 gph
VFR only aircraft, upgrades coming soon!
Piper Archer = $140/hr +tax


180 H.P. (each engine)
G430W Equipped!
Piper Seminole = $325/ hr +tax


160 H.P
8 gph
Dual G5 Garmin paired with a G400W gps!
Piper Warrior = $140/hr +tax


  • $500 nonrefundable deposit to 360 Aviation, LLC.
    • Once deposit is received pre study materials will be sent out
    • Deposit will be taken off course fee upon arrival
  • FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane Certificate (for ATP rating sought)
  • ATP Written Test Complete
  • FAA Medical (3rd Class Minimum)

    Must be completed by an FAA certified Airmen Medical Examiner

  • 1500 Hours Total Time (61.159)
    • 500 Hours X-C
    • 100 Hours Night
    • 50 Hours in Class sought (Multi Engine Land)

Other Information

Want a more in depth look at the course? Download our PDF!