Flight Simulator

Advanced Aviation Training Device


The CRX offers:

  • Single and Multi engine configurations
  • 30+ different aircraft. 172’s, Piper Archer, Warriors, Seminoles, Barons, etc.
  • 4k Images and monitoring
  • Electronic flight bag integration

And Much More!

What can I use the Simulator for?

  • Instrument Currency and IPC’s (Instrument Proficiency Check)
  • Up to 2.5 hrs. towards Private Pilot
  • Up to 20 hrs. towards Instrument Rating
  • Up to 50 hrs. towards Commercial Rating
  • Up to 25 hrs. towards ATP

Other Information

The simulator is a great tool for enhancing your knowledge on Aircraft Systems, Emergency Management, or simply reviewing topics that you wouldn’t normally do in the aircraft.
The simulator is available for use at $65/hr. Bulk hour discounts are also available.
Read more about our sim by following the link: