Instrument Rating

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Accelerated 10 – Day Course 


Price includes all ground and flight instruction. Aircraft cost is separate

Our 10-day instrument course puts you 1-on-1 with an instructor to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to operate under instrument flight rules in the National Airspace System. Not only will you gain the ability to fly in all weather conditions, but this course will make you a much more precise and confident pilot. You will train on both traditional “steam” gauges as well as advanced glass flight displays, like the one in our beautiful G1000 C172, while saving money with training in our AATD flight simulator. We highly recommend this advanced instrument course for all pilots.

Flexible Hourly Option

Prices Vary

Do you work full-time? Going to school? Previously started your training elsewhere and need to finish up? We offer flexible hourly training as well to suit your schedule and needs. Our instructors are available day and night, weekdays and weekends, to fit around your schedule to accomplish your training. This option allows you to pay as you go so you only pay for what you need.

Our Aircraft


160 H.P.
6.5 gph
G1000 Avionics!
Cessna 172 = $170/hr +tax


180 H.P
9.5 gph
IFR Aircraft with updated avionics!
Piper Archer = $165/hr +tax


Austro E4 Diesel Engines
160 H.P
G1000, Auto Pilot, TKS System, Flight Into Known Icing Approved
Diamond DA42 NG = $420/ hr +tax
One of the most advanced multi engine trainers on the market today!


  • $850 nonrefundable deposit to 360 Aviation, LLC.
    • Once deposit is received pre study materials will be sent out
    • Deposit will be taken off course fee price upon arrival
    • This deposit secures your scheduled start date with us and is non-refundable
  • Original Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport

    No Flight Training can take place until this is received!

  • FAA Private Pilot Airplane Certificate
  • Instrument Rating Airplane Written Test Passed
  • Current FAA Medical (3rd Class minimum)
  • 45 hours of cross-country flight time

    If short of these hours, prior arrangements can be made. *Additional Fees Apply*

  • 10 hours of instrument time (actual or simulated)

    Can be conducted with a safety pilot. If short, arrangements can be made

Other Information

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